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High School Attendance

There is a direct correlation between student attendance and academic success in school.  Students who attend a school with a high degree of regularity greatly increase the likelihood of achieving academic success and they develop good habits for work after high school. Ohio’s compulsory school laws require students to attend school and establish legal penalties for both students and parents who violate these laws. Any questions concerning the authority or guidelines used for excusing student absences from school are outlined in the ORC 3321.04, ORC 2151.011, and Ch. 3301-51 of the Ohio Administrative Code, and HB 410.

Attendance Procedure

Good attendance results in success at school; Therefore, Valley View High School strongly encourages regular attendance in accordance with the Ohio Compulsory Attendance Laws and the Missing Children’s Act (ORC. 3321.04). Parents are asked to report their child’s absence from school to Patty Kidwell via ParentSquare message or email as soon as they are aware of their child’s absence. The school will attempt to contact the parent of each absent student who is not reported. Regardless of whether communication is made, students who miss all or part of the previous day must report to the attendance office with a signed parental note or doctor’s certification upon their return, prior to the start of the school day.  Failure to supply an acceptable note upon return to school results in an unexcused absence.  Absences are either excused or unexcused. It is possible for a student to be unexcused even though a parent gives permission for the absence. Students arriving or leaving school for a doctor’s appointment must bring a doctor’s certification upon return to school, in order for the absence to be excused.